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Comprehensive Equine veterinary services Canterbury wide

Premier Equine Vets in Canterbury provide a range of Equine veterinary services to ensure the best health care for your horse. Rest assured that you can put your horse in the hands of our dedicated, professional team of Equine veterinary surgeons.


Ultrasound allows us to visualise soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Most commonly we use ultrasound on tendons, especially the deep and superficial digital flexors, as well as suspensory apparatus, including the suspensory ligament and distal sesamoidean ligaments. We can also use ultrasound on joints, which allows us to visualise the joint capsule, synovial structures, collateral ligaments and the surface of the bone.

Horse leg check

Digital radiography

Radiography allows us to visualise the bones. The difference between the digital and conventional radiography is that with the conventional method, once the plate has been exposed to radiation (the X-Ray taken) the film has to be manually developed in the dark room after the vet returns to the clinic. With digital radiography, the film is scanned through an X-Ray scanner that transfers the information to a computer and the image appears on the screen.

So how is it better than the old way? Everything, including the scanner and the computer, is completely portable. (We still need electricity though). That means that you can look at the image together with us while we are still on your property. Any retakes of blurry or inadequate images can be done right then and the opposite limb can be X-Rayed if that is deemed necessary. It also provides a much higher resolution and quality images.

In addition it makes it easy for us to give you a copy of your horse's X-Rays as we can simply email them to you.
Test during equine veterinary treatments in Canterbury


A scope made of optic fibres is passed through the horse's nose down to the larynx and trachea and allows us to visualise and evaluate in real time the movement and appearance of those structures.

We also have a video recording camera, and if you wish we can record the video on a portable drive for future references.

Horse leg check

Laboratory analysis

We provide a full scope of blood analysis services: blood counts, biochemistry, faecal egg counts, trace minerals levels and tissue biopsy.

We work in partnership with Gribbles, a specialised veterinary laboratory.

Performance evaluation

The team at Premier Equine Vets offers performance evaluations on stud, stable and pleasure horses Canterbury wide.

Our Equine veterinary services include blood tests, ECG, examination during work, flexion tests, and more.
Performance evaluations for horses are provided by Premier Equine Vets and our farm in Riccarton Churchurch
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